Medicaid service coordinators

Health Home Care Management is a new way to coordinate care, combining developmental disability services and supports with health and wellness services. This new way of coordinating care is an enhanced version of the Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program, offering individuals more options, greater flexibility and better outcomes. There is no change being made to other services people receive—the only thing changing is Service Coordination.

Health Home Care Management will be provided by Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs), which have been formed by existing developmental disability service providers. These new organizations will be staffed by Care Managers with training and experience in the developmental disabilities field.

Care Managers will help coordinate services across systems, including the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), the Department of Health and the Office of Mental Health, providing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities one place to plan all their service needs. Many Care Managers will be current Medicaid Service Coordinators who have received additional training to become Care Managers in the new system.

MSCs currently working for provider agencies will have the opportunity to become Care Managers and work for a CCO, like Prime Care Coordination.

Health Home Care Manager education and experience requirements will be waived for existing MSCs who apply to serve as Care Managers for a CCO. Prime Care Coordination will provide Health Home core services training for current MSCs who do not meet the minimum education and experience requirements. It is anticipated that most Service Coordinators will transition to Care Manager roles.